On a sunny afternoon, specifically October 4th, 2023, the College of Business Education (CBE) Dar es Salaam Campus was abuzz with excitement as it kicked off its Customer Service Week Celebration. The theme for the day was "Elevating Excellence in Customer Care," and it promised a packed schedule of engaging activities to recognize and appreciate the importance of exceptional customer service.
During the lunch break, the entire college community gathered to relax, bond, and refuel for the upcoming program. This moment allowed management and staff to come together, sharing stories and laughter, which reaffirmed the strong sense of unity within the institution.
The Deputy Rector in charge of Planning, Finance, and Administration, Prof. Emmanuel Munishi, took the stage and delivered a warm welcome, setting the tone for the day's festivities. He expressed gratitude for everyone's dedication to achieving excellence in customer service.

Following the opening remarks, the Acting Rector, Prof. Edda T. Lwoga, officially inaugurated the event, highlighting the pivotal role of customer care in education and beyond. The audience responded with enthusiastic applause, recognizing the significance of the occasion.
Dr. Shima Banele, the Director of Academics (DAC), presented the One-Stop Centre Customer Service Report, offering transparency and accountability in the institution's commitment to enhancing customer service. This report showcased progress made and identified areas for improvement.

A noteworthy moment of the day came when G. Bwemelo, a seasoned expert in customer service, led an interactive reflection session on common customer service blunders. The audience actively participated, sharing their experiences and gaining valuable insights on how to avoid and rectify these mistakes in the future.

The event then shifted its focus to recognizing the unsung heroes of customer care, led by Mr. Tibanga L., the Head of the Communication and Marketing Unit (HMCU). Awards were presented to individuals who had consistently gone above and beyond to provide exceptional service, making a significant impact on the college community. Notably, Prof. Emanuel Mjema and Dr. Godfrey Mwandosya and Dr. Faustine China were among the outstanding customer service providers.

The Customer Service Week Celebration at the College of Business Education's Dar es Salaam Campus was more than just a one-day event; it was a testament to the institution's unwavering commitment to elevating excellence in customer care. As the sun set on this memorable day, the lessons learned and the bonds formed would continue to inspire and drive the community towards even greater heights in the field of customer service.