Departmental background information

The Programme of Procurement and Supply Management started as a training programme at CBE and in all campuses were the programme was established to train Technician and qualified personnel of Procurement and Supply cadre for various organizations within and outside of country boundary. The department start as a small department formally admitting 150 Basic certificate student and 200 Ordinary Diploma student, but currently the department admit up to averagely 500, 400, and 300 students at Basic certificate and Ordinary Diploma and Bachelor Degree respectivel on academic year 2014/2015.

What is Procurement and why it is important?

Procurement involves the process of selecting vendors, establishing payment terms, strategic vetting, selection, the negotiation of contracts and actual purchasing of goods. Procurement is concerned with acquiring (procuring) all of the goods, services, and work that is vital to an organization.. Spend too much money on goods and services and the cost eats away organizational profits. Therefore procurement is there to ensure there is effective and efficient in undertaking various activities related to the acquisition of goods and services which resulted to cost saving.

Whether you're thinking of a career in Procurement and Supply Management or looking for your next job within the profession and even being able to acquire requirements at both individual level or organizational level Procurement Department assist you grow by acquiring skills and knowledge in that cadre.

Why procurement department?

  1. Department comprise of qualified lectures who will provide you with an insight on the procurement and supplies field.
  2. Department prepares teaching tools and facilities which enable students to acquire both theoretical and practical part of study.
  3. Workable relationship and assistance of lectures to their students.