Welcome to the Department of Accountancy one of the oldest department in College of Business Education that offers trainings in Accountancy Programmes.

Department of Accountancy offers both postgraduate and undergraduate programmes which provide students with an excellent education and prepare them for working in demanding expert positions in accounting field and other variety of finance related career as well as enhancing self-reliance entrepreneurship business .

Currently programmes offered in under graduate studies are Basic Certificate in Accountancy (BCA) Diploma in Accountancy (DA) and Bachelor in Accountancy (BACC). And Postgraduate programme namely Postgraduate Diploma in Finance Management (PDFM).

Department of Accountancy has 16 permanently academic staffs where majority of them are qualified accountants (with PA Qualification) and well facilitated to give the best to our students, to help them with the various options concerning their education as the department believes in and values the College’s mission and vision. And also academic staff in the Department conduct research, consultancies and journal publications singly or jointly in various fields including Financial Accounting, Taxation, Financial Management, Public Sector, Auditing, Corporate Social Responsibility, Management Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Banking and Finance. SME Businesses and Entrepreneurship and others.