The Acting Deputy Rector of the College of Business Education (CBE), Dr. Nasibu Mramba, expressed his gratitude to the leadership of Green Acres Schools for extending an invitation to participate in their graduation ceremony. The event, which exuded a distinctive charm, took place on 23rd September 2023, at the school grounds Salasala, DSM.

A myriad of presentations and engaging activities by students from different levels captivated and enthralled the substantial audience that graced the graduation ceremony.

In his address, Dr. Mramba fervently encouraged the potential form four graduates to wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to their ongoing educational journey. He emphasized the importance of pursuing further education, be it through short-term or extensive programs, as he stressed that ordinary level education might not suffice in the current era.

Conversely, the principal of the schools extended his heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Mramba for graciously accepting their invitation. Moreover, he earnestly implored parents and guardians to place their unwavering trust in the institution by enrolling their children in Green Acres Schools.